Friday, February 8, 2013

Blessed Are the Truth Tellers

We've had a string of storms roll through our community over the past few weeks. Driving has been an adventure as we have had snow, sleet, rain, more snow, more get the picture. As I have made my way down the toll road to work, I have been very thankful to G-man who suggested I get new wiper blades. These new blades work incredibly well but what has been amazing to me is the realization that I didn't know how ineffective the old ones really were! Funny how that happens.

I found myself thinking about how the wipers clear away the slush and slop that block our vision. We are blessed when we have people in our lives that help us clear away our own dirt and grime and help us to see better. These are the "Truth Tellers".

Truth Tellers often work behind the scenes. They don't trumpet their work. They don't advertise. Many times they are under appreciated or not appreciated at all. Truth Tellers are fearless, as they continue to proclaim truth even in the face of our protests. Truth Tellers possess a wisdom about ourselves that we do not. Truth Tellers see that we cannot or choose not to see.

Truth Tellers are the warm sunlight that breaks through our gray, murky clouds of grief and sorrow. Truth Tellers proclaim the beautiful in the midst of the ugly.

Truth Tellers stay despite our hardship. Truth Tellers walk the road with us.

Yes...Blessed are the Truth Tellers

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