Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Of Being Restored

My life He brings back. (Psalm 23:3)

Robert Alter writes about about this verse in The Book of Psalms (2007)..."The image is of someone who has almost stopped breathing and is revived, brought back to life."

I don't know about you, but I have fallen in love with that imagery.

We all have heard someone talk about something in their life that is "sucking the life" out of them. I think this is how we almost stop breathing, and then somehow are revived, brought back to life.

The miracle of being brought back to life is that this is not something we can do in and of ourselves. It requires the intervention of another. Throughout most of night and into early morning, I found myself praying about today's visits with our oncology team. Frankly it is only a short hop from daring to hope to utter despair. But as I prayed, the words of Psalm 23 were re-membered in me. I wasn't sure how, but I knew...I just KNEW that I would be brought back to life.

And there you were.

This day many of you have already intervened, offering encouragement and prayers through social media, texting, and emails. This is how God seems to bring us back to life...through one another.

So thank you...for bringing us back from the edge, for having a role and for doing your part as God brings us back to life. Our gratitude is overflowing...

grace and peace...

photo credit - Facebook Surf Dog Ricochet

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