Sunday, July 29, 2012

Humilities and Such

In his book Falling Upward, author Richard Rohr says he prays for " good humilty..." every day. It is one way to look at the things in our lives that sometimes we would rather forget or bury or pretend never happened.

Yesterday while participating in a local event that consists of biking all around the city and completing a series of physical challenges (both silly and serious) I experienced not just one but many humilities!

The most notable was taking a header over the bike handlebars when my front tire got caught in a rut between the grass and sidewalk. The bike stopped and I didn't. For a brief moment I may have resembled Superman! Tucking my chin, my bike helmet caught the brunt of the impact with the sidewalk. My bike gloves saved my outstretched palms.

I was a bit shook up but fine...on the outside. Almost instantly the voices in my head started. "Idiot. Why weren't you more careful? What were you thinking?" Yada, Yada, Yada!

But as I sat on the ground I took off my helmet in amazement. It was scratched but intact. It did its job. My noggin was preserved! I realized I was not injured! A sense of gratitude flooded my soul. Gratitude for my racing partner who turned around in concern. (she missed the whole thing and only turned around to find me on the ground). Gratitude for the volunteer who rushed to my side. Gratitude for the helmet and gloves that saved me from serious injury.

Not one person repeated the words I had heard in my head.

Good lessons yesterday from one good humilty...

grace and peace...

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