Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What is Mankind?

3 When I consider your heavens,
   the work of your fingers,
the moon and the stars,
   which you have set in place,
4 what is mankind that you are mindful of them,
   human beings that you care for them?
(Psalm 8:3-4)

A magnificent spring sky...the moon, Jupiter, and Venus lined up in a glorious array.  In this breathtaking beauty, I am reminded of Psalm 8.   The One who made the moon and the stars cares for us.  

When I started this blog, my intent was to declare the sacred that is imbedded in the ordinary.  But it wasn't going to be about my ordinary.  But I have been immersed into living something very ordinary and likely very sacred...living with another who is ill.   
Today our journey begins...in a place where we pray for benign but realize it probably is not.  We pray for the best of two evils.  How in the world does one wish for one form of disease over another?  Last spring was supposed to be a "one and done"...diagnosis...treatment...cure.  But it is not to be.

And yet the sacred is there...right in the middle of the ordinary.  

The doctor who says, "We are praying for you"...

The congeniality among the hospital staff... 

The care assistant who brings me coffee as I wait for my loved one to be brought back...

The nurse who cracks jokes and then tenderly packs us into the car leaving us with the words, "I am praying for you"... 

The crucifix hanging on the wall in the hospital room as a reminder that Christ is watching over us.   

Ah Lord...what is mankind that you are mindful of us?  We are your magnificent creation! We are your beloved. 

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