Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wounds or Scars?

The tree in this picture has a magnificent scar.  Today it is part of the character of that tree but at one time it was likely a gaping wound. 

Many of us rise each morning and face a life that marks us with scars as well. We may hear the words, "you have cancer" and battle its accompanying fears.  We might wrestle with discouragement created by the loss of purpose or financial struggles.  We may have worry and concern over children who have made poor choices or choose their own way.

Each of these events leaves a scar.  Sometimes we've been in this so long that we begin to see this life as "normal" and just the way it is.  Our scars just seem to be a part of who we are.  We become grizzled veterans, relying on our faith to carry us through.

Every once in awhile though, we make new friends who are sometimes appalled by the wounds we have...they see our earthly struggle in a fresh and raw way....we see it as simply wearing the evidence of battle.  For to us they are just scars marked by grace, courage, and the resolute faith reminding us that we are not alone. 

Soon it will be Good Friday and we will be reminded of how Jesus carries scars...of how he was wounded by life, for us.  

He was flogged. (Matthew 27:26)
Then he pardoned Barabbas. But he had Jesus whipped, and then handed over for crucifixion.
He wore a crown of thorns.  (Matthew 27:29)
They plaited a crown from branches of a thorn bush and set it on his head. 

He was nailed to a cross. (Matthew 27:35)
After they had finished nailing him to the cross...
He was pierced in the side. (John 19:34)
Instead, one of the soldiers pierced Jesus’ side with a spear, bringing a sudden flow of blood and water.

He too carries the scars that are evidence of a battle.  Scars that are marked by grace, by courage, by resolute faith in his Father.  Scars that are evidence that he is the victor. 

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