Sunday, August 5, 2012

Telling the Story

From the moment we are born and until we take our last breath we write our life story. But sometimes our story can feel as though it is stuck in a loop that plays and rewinds and plays and rewinds and... Sometimes it seems like all we are is one small segment of our story.

In his Art of Letting Go CD, Franciscan priest Richrd Rohr said, "Because the hurts of life are so great, you cannot let go of the pain on your own. At that point, you need to draw from a Larger Source." He goes on to say that "...forgiveness is changing your egoic investment in your own painful story—which too often has become your ticket, and sometimes your very identity."

I have to admit that these words made me step back and ask if this painful part of my story (this chapter as a caregiver to a spouse with cancer) was becoming my identity.

Those who know and love us are interested in our story. But there is a danger when telling our story feeds our ego. There is a danger when we "become" the painful story that we repeat over and over. We are more than just this moment in time. We must let go.

For sure Richard's words are true. We cannot let go of these painful chapters in our story on our own. We must draw from Christ the strength needed to separate who we are from what we are enduring.

grace and peace...

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